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Split Ends: get out of here!

A woman's worst nightmare!  Especially when  trying to retain hair length. They can pop up like a weed at anytime.  But, you’re not alone in having hair that splits at its ends. 

What is spilt ends?

Split ends, is also known as trichoptilosis. It affects the strands of most women ends, especially those with dry or damaged hair.  As a result of mechanical stress, such as friction caused when styling the hair etc. 

Now, to help you understand effectively why this happens, you'll need to understand how your hair functions, from the root to tip (ends)

Let's talk about it:

You probably know about hair follicles and pores, but did you know that these two are one?

(Your pores, or hair follicles,) anchor each strand of hair. These visible strands are known as the hair shaft,  which is divided into three parts: the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla.

Let's explain what they are:

The cuticle is made up of dead cells that lies on top of each another to protect and strengthen the hair shaft.

The cortex — found just beneath the cuticle — gives our hair its thickness and color.

The thinnest, innermost layer is called the medulla, and it’s located in the center of your hair shaft.

In order to keep your hair healthy and strong, you must must keep the outer layers  of your hair in the best shape possible.

How can I treat my split ends?

Here are four easy tips that can help:

1. Trims ends regularly.

I understand that most of you reading wants to retain length, but it's important to note that trimming your ends will help to keep your ends healthy.  Focus on health rather than length. 

 2. Avoid using cotton towels to dry your hair


Vigorous rubbing leads to friction, tangles, and broken strands, so be careful.  Only pat dry with a microfiber towel. 

3. Hold off on heat and chemicals sis.

Your hair  needs a break to breathe and  keep the cuticle hydrated. This will, in turn, reduce split ends as well as dryness and overall damage.

4. Focus on your scalp health.

While those splitting ends may be seen on the far tips of our tresses, hair health really begins with the scalp. While it’s important to keep your scalp clean, you’ll want to take care not to over-wash, which will only lead to more shampooing and ultimately, dryer strands.

Mirror to mirror:

Spilt ends are caused by various factors, but there are a lot of things that you can do to reduce this. So, by adhering to the above tips, will lead to a happy and healthy hair.

Until next...
Just remember,  you have what it takes to be amazing💛🌱

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