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Get Healthy & Strong Hair Even After Pregnancy: Opt For Natural Hair Oil!

Pregnancy brings a range of changes to a woman’s body. Some of these changes are caused by hormonal changes. During pregnancy, progesterone and oestrogen levels soar, mainly after the second trimester. These hormones reduce hair shedding and promote hair growth.

After delivery, oestrogen goes back to its normal level which leads to hair fall, sometimes severe hair fall. However, some would-be mothers? even face hair fall during pregnancy.

As you know it’s very important to incorporate a healthy diet during pregnancy. So, ensure that your diet has enough protein sources- such as eggs, chicken, chickpeas, fish etc. This will also benefit your hair, because Protein plays an important role in ensuring a good health of hair as well as the scalp.

Drinking enough water is also vital to maintain great hair and skin health and also helps them stay hydrated. In addition to these, another thing that will help your hair and scalp stay in great condition is natural hair oil

How Hair Oiling With Natural Hair Oils Can Help?

Adding natural hair oil to your hair care regime will help in strengthening your hair and reducing hair loss. Using natural hair re-growth oils have numerous advantages.

Good natural hair oils increase tensile strength, reduce frizziness and prevent breakage. Different natural oils also hydrate hair strands that prevent moisture loss by making a barrier around hair cells.

Natural hair oils when massaged properly on the scalp improve blood circulation & encourage hair growth by bringing vital nutrients to your scalp. A relaxing head massage may also relieve your stress and promote a good night’s sleep. This is extremely essential for your wellbeing and overall health during pregnancy.

Also, avoiding chemical treatments and heated tools on hair during pregnancy may help reduce hair damage. Nevertheless, if your hair is dry, brittle or damaged because of previous treatments, using natural hair oils will help repair those damages & restore moisture.

You are recommended to choose natural hair oils as they are free from harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances and mineral oils. These, if a hair oil contains may cause irritation, build-up on your scalp and weigh down the hair.

While a number of women resort to choosing Olive oil or Almond oil for hair oiling, it’s important to remember that each natural hair oil has unique properties. So, instead of using particular natural oils, you must choose to use a concoction of different natural oils. This will ensure that your hair and scalp get all the benefits required at the same time.

Natural hair oils made by professionals are enriched with a combination of different natural oils and nutrients required by our hair. All these are intended to improve hair growth as well as hair strength. So, even if you’re experiencing severe hair fall after pregnancy, these hair oils will eliminate this problem.

In addition, if you’re facing, hair thinning, breakage, brittle hair or weak hair roots, use natural hair oils. These oils have solutions for all these issues.

The Bottom Line

So, if you want to give your hair tender care and love it actually deserves, switch to toxin-free, natural hair oils. And when buying one, make sure you check the shop’s testimonials properly to get an idea of the product you’re buying.

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