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4 Simple Steps To Repair Damaged Hair Follicles:: A Complete Guide

Sucking statistics reveal many of us don’t even realise when our hair follicles are extensively damaged. The signs of damage hair follicles includes excessive dryness, inflammation, dandruff, irritation, and hair loss. If you experience any of the above symptoms then chances are your follicles are already damaged. 
However, don’t give up just yet. The long term health of any hair solely depends on a good treatment routine. 
It might be hard to understand in the beginning, but once you discover exactly  how to keep your hair follicles healthy there is no going back. 
As promised, here is our 4 simple steps on how to repair damaged hair follicles in the shortest time possible. 


1. Eat A Balanced Diet 

Did you know that one of the aims of the hair follicles is to absorb the nutrients then feed them to your hair? The cells in the follicle are specifically designed to fulfil this aim. 
That’s why you need to focus on providing the right nutrients to your hair. 
Make sure you get all the right nutrients by having a diet of whole grains, protein, iron, zinc, vegetables and fruits. 
All these rich nutrients will be transported through your follicles to where it’s needed to remain healthy. In the long-run, your hair will stay luscious and thick with the right diet. 


2. Reduce the heat

If you want to effectively learn how to repair damaged hair follicles, you need to stop overusing blow dryers and straighteners. Doing so will reduce heat damages. Besides that, applying heat to your hair can cause your strands to be weak and brittle. 
That is why you should always keep heat to a minimum so that your follicles can regain strength.  

3. Massage Your Scalp Regularly


When your scalp doesn’t receive enough blood circulation, your hair follicles will weaken. That is why you need to massage your scalp regularly, so that your follicles can receive the circulation it needs. 
You can massage your head by using any hair oil that is natural and non-comedogenic. Better yet, vtessia ultra repair oil is tailored to give you this result. It has amazing hair-loving benefits that can help repair damaged hair follicles. 
Tip: Remember to massage your hair in circular motions as that improves blood circulation; especially when battling with damaged hair. Doing so will also ensure that your hair follicles are receiving the nutrients needed. 
Once you do this massage routine consistently, your hair follicles will start repairing in no time. 

4. Reduce Stress levels

This isn’t easy, especially in a pandemic- but it’s necessary.
Stress is one of the most common causes of hair loss: Telogen effluvium. 
Telogen effluvium occurs when the anagen (growth) phase of your hair growth cycle is reduced; resulting in excess shredding.  Furthermore, stress also causes physiological damages.  For example, stress affects your digestion and the way your body absorbs essential nutrients; in order to reduce hair damage.
That is why it is important to avoid and reduce stress factors in your life. If you lead a busy life, then take some time and slow down to regain your ground. 
Managing stress is one of the best things you can do for your health and the health of your hair. 


Mirror to mirror:

That was your complete guide on how to repair damaged hair follicles. Incorporating these ways into your daily routine will help you gain back the health of your hair overtime.

What are you waiting for then? Make these changes now and see how strong your hair becomes. 


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