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5 Tips To Promote Hair Growth


Let's talk about it how to promote hair growth:

Dry and brittle hair is something that everyone dislikes. But how do you get rid of this and promote hair growth?

You’ll find many products promising effective results, but little do you know that the number of chemicals inside these products is stunting your hair growth rather than improving it.

If you’re looking for the best and most natural ways to promote hair growth, then look no further. Getting rid of your dry and damaged hair has never been easier.

Here are our five top tips:

1. Scalp massages

Massaging your scalp is quite beneficial when it comes to promoting hair growth. Regular massaging can help boost the blood circulation in your scalp, giving way to better nutrient reach. Since your hair needs the right mix of nutrients to grow better, this will prove to be beneficial for your hair. Moreover, your hair follicles will gradually become stronger and lead to better hair growth.

2. Incorporate a balanced diet

A balanced diet is essential, if you’re looking to achieve better-looking hair. Getting the right amounts of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals will help your hair get the sufficient nutrients it needs to grow. Not only will this help your hair grow quicker, but you will also see that it appears healthier than ever before. Just like other body parts, your hair also needs the right nutrients to grow, so make sure you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet.

3. Oil your hair

There are a lot of hair oils on the market, which can leave you confused. However, it's essential that you go for the oils, that are suitable for your hair type.  For example, If you have dry hair, then go for a thicker oil. Or use Vtessia cosmetics growth oil, because it is incredibly rich in vitamins, nutrients & fatty acids to give your hair the maximum nutrition it needs to grow beautifully. 

4. Avoid washing hair daily

Using shampoos everyday can damage your hair to a large extent. Therefore, let go of the habit of wanting to wash your hair every day. Given that, excessive use of chemicals on your hair causes dryness.

5. Use cold water on wash days

Hot water is damaging to your hair and leaves it feeling dry and brittle later on. Switch to washing your hair with cold or tepid water and see how much difference it makes on your hair growth. It’s a great way to get rid of damaged hair and gives way to shiny, smooth, and healthier hair.

Mirror to mirror:

Use these tips to improve your hair’s growth and texture. Keep in mind that your hair needs to be taken care of regularly. So, make sure you’re giving it enough rest between styling and colouring so that it can rejuvenate. Make use of these effective ways to ensure that your hair grows better and stronger than before.

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